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Reach & Wash Window Cleaning in York


The Reach & Wash system we use provides a cost effective safe way to clean windows and Glass Facades. Our poles will reach up to 70ft for cleaning in awkward or hard to reach areas without the operator having to leave the ground. The waterfed pole was developed specifically as a result of The Health and Safety Laboratory's recommendations for the safe and comfortable use of poles.

It alleviates the need for expensive equipment such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts, although in exceptional circumstances where these are needed we can provide fully trained licensed operators.

The Reach & Wash system uses 100% pure de-ionised water which evaporates without leaving smears or spots on the glass and doesn't use chemicals or cause environmental damage.

So why not give us a call or send us an e-mail to arrange a free demonstration of the system and see how it can start benefiting you.

What is Thermopure™?

The innovative Thermopure™ Reach and Wash system was developed in 1997 by Ionic Systems, enabling window cleaners to clean higher, faster and safer areas with outstanding results. They are the world leader in window cleaning systems. The Reach and Wash System has completely changed the window cleaning industry.

Cleartech Reach and Wash Window Cleaners

We all know that using hot water for cleaning produces better results. Heated ultra pure water is less dense and so absorbs dirt more readily and dries more quickly to an incredible finish. Our system breezes through initial cleans and shifts even the most stubborn residues. It’s great in winter weather conditions, but is also effective in summer when cold water would turn to steam on sunbaked glazing.

Thermopure™ heaters use diesel from our vehicle’s fuel tank. The highly efficient heat exchanger lifts the temperature quickly up to 80 degrees. Water in the tank can be pre-heated while on the move, or be heated at point of use. Take a look at some of our client's testimonials here.